Aquarium Heater

WAVEREEF Titanium heater is specially designed for marine aquarium, 7 power models for option, 50W,,150W,250W,300W,400W,600W,800W    

WAVEREEF Titanium heater comes with a smart controller:    

Made from good quality titanium material, provding better heating performance    

1. comes with the waterproof connector for the heater, which is safer than the tranditional socket.
2. matural buildt-in temp sensor for more accurate and faster temperature sensing.
3. Safty-guard design( Running-dry protection). If water level is lowered and comes lower than
 the orange MIN WATER LINE  upon the heater, it will stop the heater working to avoid running dry.                 

Smart Titanium heater
Smart Titanium heater
WAVEREEF TITANIUM HEATER is specially designed to fit the intelligentized aquarium market.It is suitable for saltwater aquarium tank,its feature as described as follow:*Titanium Heating Element( fast heat transfer without any corrossion) *Fully Submersible and Waterpoof SAFE connector *Adjustable Temperature Setting *Easy To Read dual digit temperature dispayer *Compact Design *Remote in-buildt Temperature Sensor *For use In both Fresh and Saltwater *Pilot LED to show the status of the power and heater's working *Smart memory chip and safety guard(Running-dry protection) *+/- 1 Cel. accuracy *Stable and lasting performance. *Suction-cup installing *The controller or the heater can be replaced, which ever is bad
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