Marine Aquarium Sump

The WaveReef Marine aquarium Sump features machine-cut acrylic with fully transparent front view for easy watching the performance of the equipement inside. It can house all of WaveReef skimmers, reactors and pumps in style, making it just as pretty as your display tank. The whole series come with filter cup instead of filter sock so that you put your hoped filter media to raise its performance. The built-in filter cup holder have also been designed for hobbyists who choose to use auto-filter rollers, reducing the time spent on maintenance. The WaveReef Sump also features a bubble diffusing intake that reduces microbubble from entering your display tank and keeps slat creep in or around your sump to a minimum. Adjust the water level in your sump to accommodate your protein skimmer, eliminating the need for a skimmer stand, so you can dial in with ease.    

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