CO2 reactor

1.100% handmade acrylic and PVC construction

2. Help raise pH in Your Reef Aquarium with an WaveReef CO2 Scrubber

3. Running a CO2 Scrubber Helps Raise and Maintain pH for your tank

The Carbon Dioxide (CO2) level in your home or office may be contributing to the low pH level in your saltwater aquarium. A house full of people and pets affects the pH in your tank. In fact, it’s usually the cause of low pH in a home aquarium. An experiment you can perform to find out if this is the culprit behind your low pH is to open up the windows and doors in your home for a day to let the excess CO2 escape. After 24 hours, test your aquarium’s pH. If the pH level has risen, you can be pretty confident that the CO2 load in your home is high and that a CO2 scrubber will help.. Since keeping the windows and doors of your home open all the time isn’t an option for most people, a CO2 scrubber is an easy and affordable way to remove CO2 gas so that it doesn’t suppress the pH of your aquarium water.  

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